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In Autrans-Méaudre

From the way up to the Vercors, did you appreciate the narrow roads in balcony, the hairpin bends over Grenoble, the gorges with vertical cliffs ? Did you ?

Imagine what you can feel, just by taking a break and visiting on foot !

    Let the surprise emerge with our pleasant getaway, our escape in the chalky crevasses, our walk&climb on “les Hauts de Presles”, our unterground explorations to visit the lovely rooms “de La Ture” or the amazing hall “de Gournier”, unless you prefer the famous Mont Aiguille ascent. “Pretty Moments, Great Souvenirs” !

     At “le Bureau des Guides”, choosing your adventure companion is the right option for your family, for your small group of friends or just for two climbers on the same rope.

According to your choice and your dream, you can book your Mountain Guide for half a day or the whole day. To share this moment in english, german, russian, ask for Carine or Chris.

 http:// http://www.guides-autrans-meaudre.fr